Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's a small world afterall

Phil managed to get his hands on two free tickets for an Alhouette versus Edmonton game last night. So after work, he picked me up and we head off to watch it. I don't mind football, don't know all the rules but find it entertaining enough. Of course we show up fashionably late into the 2nd quarter and the McGill stadium is packed. As we are walking up the stairs making our way through the crowd of screaming and drunk fans, who is sitting in our row about five seats away? My high school sweetheart and one of my high school friends. Of all things surprising and WEIRD! To have one of my first "loves" and my present LOVE sitting within 10 meters apart! So they met, shook hands, and Phil kept on looking over to analyze wether I have good tastes in guys on not. Funny thing is, he is not looking all that great. Barely changed since he was 16, he has totally lost hios charm. To think of how many girls were jealous of me for being his prom date. He was every teenage girls dream. Black hair, tanned skin, drivining around in a silver volvo, soccer player, did really well in school... Now all I see in him is a macho, overworked, Italian gino who smokes too much and doesn't exercise enough... wow how my tastes have changed!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

After a 45 minute jog, I decided to cool off at the public pool near-by. I had the dilemma of choosing which bikini to wear. I have a bout three string bikinis which I voted against since I didn't want young kids, there with day camps, to be giving me stares. Neither did I want looks from old perverted men who stand at the other side of the fence near the pool. So I opted for a bikini which is boy cut at the bottom and covers a bit more at the top. I've had this bathing suit since I am 12 years old which could only mean two things. 1: I have the same shape and size as when I was pre-menopausal. 2:My fashion sense has clearly deteriorated. Either or, it's a sad day... Sad sad day...

A 4 day weekend well spent

With the car over-packed and the dog in the back seat, we got off to a late start on Friday. Once we got to Mont Gosford (three hours away), we had difficulty finding our camp site. Once found, it was quiet, remote, and just a few feet from a river. On Saturday: a 19 km hike which brought us directly on the Canadian/American border. For once I could have half my body in Canada and the other half in the States without being bombarded with questions and potentially pulled over. Sunday and Monday were spent, the three of us, lounging in the sun, feet in the river, sipping sangria/cider/beer/wine, and might I add NAKED! Sex outdoors is always better. Food on the grill is always tastier. I am officially the Smores expert, and Phil is officially not.