Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sweet relief

I've come to realize I am not nearly as traumatized after getting my down-there poked at when the results are good news. My bi-annual check-up at the gyno yesterday was ultra relieving. My abnormal cells have disappeared and I can now be worry-free for another 6 months. After being prescribed to ALWAYS use condoms and not filling this so-called prescription, I was pessimistic and doubtful that I was in the clear. I went in the examination room feeling strong and on the defensive. I had my speech layed out for him as soon as he guilt triped me for not wearing condoms. I think I shocked him when he didn't see all those iny-miny abnormalities. A part of me wanted to yell out AH-HAH!!! But resisted since I cannot breath when I have these cold, metal instruments and microscope up my down-there. After another biopsy, the bleeding and uncomfort I am experiencing is downplayed by the weight taken off my shoulders.

Escaping the city's heat and humidity

Blistering sun, refreshing lake, naps, tons of food, wine, cider, beer, friends, and a perfect boyfriend... this is what every weekend should be about. After a nice three days at Moe's cottage, I am tanned and well rested.