Saturday, May 28, 2005

Words of wisdom

I wonder at times whether I'm living life right. I worry about its outcomes, about the twists and turns my book will take. The quiet superstitions in my head are telling me that everything happens for a reason but that's no reason not to ask myself what is to come of my future. A member from work was telling me her story about her third time getting breast cancer (three different types of cancer at that). All along, going about her story, with a huge smile on her face telling me that 'we must take things as they come'. I believe in destiny and I believe in the power of our dreams but when a 3rd time survivor of cancer tells me that a little book was written on all of us, it just confirms those beliefs even more. As much as I feel like I am giving to these ladies in the form of emotional and physical support and motivation to get and stay healthy... They give me way more back... As much as I feel like I am helping them change their lives, some of them have already changed mine. Makes me realize how much of a lucky gal I am. I have the most trustworthy and attentive boyfriend who's love for me is endless. We just moved in to our new, cozy, and homy flat. I am ultra healthy and so is my caring family. I am fortunate enough to be studying in one if the most reknowned Business Schools in Canada and I have a fun and rewarding part-time job. All of that plus a cute dog that cuddles with me constantly...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Working ultra late on a Friday night

-I'm stuck with a one day weekend... What can I say, I have workoholic tendencies with a highly defined anal-retentive side, and absolutely no stress-management skills (crying when overwhelmed doesn't count as a skill, or does it?)... Don't I sound lovely?
-My jogging pants keep on stretching at the waist to the point where I have to pull them up now and then in a very unlady-like fashion... But they fit so well around the legs... I'm considering suspenders or maybe keeping them as pregnancy pants... I am way ahead of myself here...
-I never complained about my car before... Its an old rusty hand me down but it totally took me from Point A to Pint B... It stopped doing that yesterday and left me stranded at work of all places.
-If all goes well and Mother Nature behaves, Phil and I will go on our first camping trip next weekend. I'm looking forward to a campfire, a nice hike, and time spent with my sweety...
-Phil is rubbing off on me way too much... I find myself listening to Nine Inch Snails, bobbing my head, and actually thoroughly enjoying it! I'm impressing myself... I still won't bend when it comes to Marilyn Manson and Skinny Puppy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This is a "I love everything" kinda post

After a much needed but way too short weekend, I woke up early to study for this mornings exam which was a breeze (how great it feels to not have to study like mad and still feel positive about an exam!). After the exam: a walk with the dog, shower with the bf, and then a fantastic orgasm. Driving to work with a post-orgasm glow and the satisfaction of having completed half of my summer semester, traffic was a lot less than expected! Eating my fruit and nut chocolate bar, sunglasses on, music blaring... I thought to myself: what a happy gal I am!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fess up!

Site meter is making me paranoid. Didn't realize people actually read my blog... I need to shape up. I can't get over how negative and constantly whining I seem. Really... I am HAPPY! Who are you three AM lurkers? Who are you early bird readers?