Thursday, May 19, 2005

Totally lacking motivation

I have a lot on my plate: my summer class is accelerating at a deadly speed, midterm is next week and the only thing I've accomplished is going to class 4 out of the 5 times and taking off the wrapper of my book. I am working six days this week. Good thing monday is a holiday if not that would have been a one day weekend for me. I am working on some little marketing/data entry (I like to say marketing but its mainly data entry) project for aeroplans reward points. That is something I cam do from home on off hours but truth is I am running out of so called off hours. To top this off, I got my period one week early this month (and yes I am on the pill) and I am trying to lay off sweets for a bit (bad timing I know).
The conclusion that I've drawn from all of this is that no matter what I do, I'm an all or nothing kind of person... I undertake way too much and then I complain about being way too busy... sigh... I need a getaway... to think that a year ago today I was in Santorini laying on the beach, sporting a bikini and my Gucci sunglasses, reading a book, listening to tunes on my ipod, with a drink and my sis at my side... again... sigh...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Totally unstructured post

Finally set up the office yesterday (hence why I haven't been updating lately). The flat is looking beautiful, we are almost done execpt for painting and re-tiling the bathroom, plastering and painting the entrance. Besides that, its all the fun details like putting picture frames and stuff on our walls!

Some advantages of not having a roommate anymore
- Walking around naked when I want to without the fear of a roommate being there.
- Not having to ask if he needs the bathroom before taking a shower.
- Not having to be friendly in the morning when I don't want to.
-Not having to clean-up after myself and Phil and not the three of us.
-Having sex and not being oblidged to keep it down
-Having sex and not being interrupted by him asking "I'm going to the dep, do you need anything?"

On the school front, last semester's finals were disastrous. Two of my grades were great and the two others were border-line failures. These marks are the worst I've gotten so far and I told myself I need to shape-up big time and get my priorities on check. Started my summer class almost two weeks ago and I hope this one will be a GPA booster and not a killer.

-A guy at the gym is Phil's ex's brother. We speak now and again, everytime we see eachother and he admitted to me that his sister misses Phil's parents a lot. I don't blame her... I met Phil's parents last year around this time right before I left for two months... Of course I would not have subjected myself to the shyness and awkwardness of meeting the parents if I knew Phil and I would not make it through the two month break. So when I came back, I felt like the getting to know them process was slow and that we were not warm with eachother yet... Then when they offered for us to move to their upper duplex, I thought to myself "they must like me then, and must have faith in Phil and I". So here we are over a year ago... A few days ago Phil's mom comes over with a sweatshirt she bought for me at a garage sale. The day after, she gives me socks that she thought I might like for the gym. Phil's dad calls my cell phone late at night to tell me I need to move my car to the other side of the street if I don't want to get a ticket. These little things show how thoughtful and caring his folks are. I too, would miss them enormously.

How I love irony

I wrote an entry a few days ago... it was emotion filled and revealed MY biggest secret. One that only select loved-ones know. Strangely enough, it was not published. It was my first time writting this secret down and as irony has it, poof! it disappeared into thin air. I am unsure what to make of it. It came out well then, it was well placed with my feelings at that point and there is no way I could muster up the courage to do it again. Perhaps its better off that way...