Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nothing but smiles and positive thoughts

-It's beautiful outside, the sun is shinning bright and people are smiling
-I ran a little over 5K this morning
-I feel summer slowly but surely approaching
- I feel closer to Phil than I ever have
-I got my raise at work!
-I registered for summer classes and am happy that I got a day class instead of evening, I'll be more likely to go and it will hopefully free up some of my evenings
-My part-time job is incredibly rewarding, I love spending time with women and I love that they feel like I am approachable enough to confide in me! I get teary-eyed at times
-I am starting to catch up with some school work
-A long week-end is ahead!
-I am listening to Jack Johnson
-I'm loving life

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I love Easter and my good old buddy GUILT

Especially Easter chocolate but that is besides the point... Not only do I have Sunday and Monday off of work!!! YEH me!!! I have no classes on Friday!!! Double YEH ME since I am missing my oh so awful analysis of markets class. Not only will it allow me to get some major studying done, maybe I can convince my guilty conscience to sleep in!!! Let's recap how my studying has been going... Thursday:spent the day doing laundry then went to class then went to the gym. Friday:skipped class to go for coffee with my dad, shop with my mom and clean the apartment and bake muffins (I'm a horrible student but would make a fantabulous house wife). Saturday:worked. Sunday:worked and took a CPR class. Monday: studied for two hours or so... Started gagging just looking at it, went for lunch with my mom and then went to work. Today: watched Bridget Jones this morning while eating my cereals, headed out downtown to attempt being a good student then got a call from Phil saying he is taking the afternoon off. Came back home, got our groove on, took a two hour walk with the dog, soaked up some beautiful spring sun! Should be in class as I type...