Thursday, March 10, 2005

We are family

For the first time in... Probably forever... I felt like my dad considers me as a friend and vice versa. After spending the day together yesterday, he called me up today to ask me how the car was running and to talk about how nervous he is about his sales meeting this afternoon. He shares my excitement for my first car and is thrilled about Phil and I moving into our new place.
For once our conversation didn't involve him asking for favors from one another... It was just a nice little chit-chat...

Today's good deed: Helping an elderly woman carry her bag on wheels up five flights of stairs in the metro. She blew me kisses and her smile lit up the room. Feels great!

Today's bad deed(s): Leaving the library ultra early today and boycotting class tonight to go to the gym and spend more time with Phil.
Indulging in a piece of Phil's mom's apple pie (two days in a row)!
Possible bad deed: Convincing Phil not to go to the gym so we can relax... in bed nonetheless...
Bad Stacy... Bad Stacy

Monday, March 07, 2005


Your first name of Stacy has given you a quick,analytical mind. You are creative, versatile, andimaginative. However, independence, positivity and theurge for action and progress are such strong forces inyour nature that you find it difficult to controlthem. You feel happy as long as headway is being made,but as soon as you are obstructed or yourindividuality and freedom of action are restricted,you experience an intense nervous reaction. Moods ofdepression can result during which you become causticand belligerent in your attitude toward everyone,especially to those in closest association with you.Routine, monotony, and the responsibility of lookingafter details can have a similar effect on you, as youare a person who desires change, travel, and newexperiences. In order to gain greater congeniality inyour personal associations, you need to cultivate amore relaxed manner, greater generosity,understanding, and tolerance, and, above all, you needto avoid being too outspoken and self-opinionated. Theinfluence of this name can be very destructive to yourhealth and personal happiness, even though it may takeyou far in business. You frequently experience nervoustension in the solar plexus. A sensitive stomach andulcers could result. Also, ailments could centre inthe head affecting the eyes, ears, nose, throat, orteeth.

What is it?

It's difficult to describe how I'm feeling these days... Is it the stress of trying to adjust to the new work/school schedule? Is it my never-ending gyno problems? Is it the anxiety of moving to a new place in a month and a half? Is it the expenses that come with that? Is it the debts that I owe? Or is it the GPA-lowering grades received on my midterms? Could be the weather... I cannot wait for spring to arrive! Is it the disapointing thought that I won't be able to travel this summer? Then again... it may just be the tasteless pot of cofffee I just brewed...