Saturday, March 05, 2005


As much as I might appear extroverted, sociable, and outgoing, I carry many loner-ish traits. I don't have many friends. I've learnt to let go of friendships with people who take more then they give. I've learnt that these people eat up too much of my energy and leave me with nothing. Some people may choose to remain friends just for the sake of history but I choose not too. My dad got job promotions when we were young which forced us to move from one town to the next, even from one province to the next... Changing elementary schools every year was a normality. Having been to ten schools in all, I've met a lot of people but shortly had to say goodbye. Same holds for neighbors I befriended. I have learnt to rely on myself and on my family. That is why, to this day, my sis is my best friend. Why? Because as much as I made promises to keep in touch with old friends, the miles get bigger and there becomes larger gaps between phone calls, letters, and emails. And this is why, at times, I get sad, at night, alone... Not answering the phone...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!