Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You want details???

-My dad has been bothering me to babysit his two little brats one or two days next week. For one I don't understand that a four year old is entitled to spring break. What he's gonna go party in Daytona with all the others? Or is it that he is so mentally exhausted after his midterms that he needs a little rest... And for two, how do I explain to my dad that they are monsters! they are devils! They are lazy, ungrateful, germanadors with a complete lack of manners! They are the reason I doubt my willingness to have kids! Can I muster up that much patience and that much unselfishness to become a slave for 15 years of my life??? Oh boy...
-My training at Curves is going well, I love that even for a day of training or for an interview I get to workout as well. I had a whole day of training yesterday and one tomorrow as well.
Talk about a spring break for me, after finishing my exam on Sunday, I was completely zonked. I had to wake up at 6 to babysit at my dad's on Monday. Then yesterday the training at Curves... Today's laundry day and then supper with my family and then tomorrow training... Before you know it I'm back at school!!!
-Phil and I haven't done laundry in a few weeks... Needless to say that I've been going commando for the past little while and we've been fighting over the last pairs of socks. So I stuffed a big bag of clothes and I hauled my ass to my moms. Sadly enough, the pile of dirty clothes at home is still huge. I'll probably have to come back on Friday to do the same.... Great!
-This big deal about not having sex for six weeks is coming to an end... Not like we obeyed the rules though... I feel a little guilty but I don't really know how my doc expected me to sleep beside my love everynight for six weeks and resist the temptation... Maybe he can do that since he stares at vaginas all day and because he has been married for twenty something years... Well that's not my case doc... I am a young twenty one year old who has a passionate, affectionate, and satisfying year and a half long relationship with my amazing boyfriend! Does anyone blame me for breaking the rules??? It's not like we had sex every day or five or six times a week like we used to (not like I keep accurate track records about our sex or anything)... But in five weeks we probably had sex ten or eleven times... Which sounds pathetic since according to my calculations, we should have done it anywhere between 25 to 35 times in five weeks... I can't wait for these six weeks to be over... Maybe then we can get back to our old habits... At least I won't feel like I am doing something wrong. This thing has really traumatized me though... I am a little less certain and a little more conservative in bed... I need to get back to ye old Stacy...