Saturday, January 22, 2005


There's a saying that says that the cure for boredom is curiosity... well I am curious enough about microeconomics to be doing some work for my analysis of markets class on a saturday night! Not because I won't have time to catch up this week before I have to hand in my work on friday but becasue I lack better things to do... I'm curious about what other bloggers have to wriet about so I read for a while. My eyes are dry and tired of staring at the computer screen. I don't really know what's up with me lately, I fell so sedated... I feel like we watch so many movies and lie around so much. But it's a cold winter and my bones are cold enough as it is. I could make a million and one excuses not to go out. I like staying in, relaxing, being friendly to the budget or lack thereof. But I feel comotos... and I am not really interested in joining Phil and his three friends drinking beer in the next room.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Future checklist

I got to dreaming this evening... One thing on my long term checklist (that is before I die or before I get too senile to remember my name) is to learn how to play an instrument. More specifically the piano. When I was about seven or eight, my parents bought me a small battery operated piano. I loved it and it is probably one of the only toys I kept til... Perhaps even to this day! I recollect being in my basement in Quebec city, my father playing the guitar and my sister playing (one string) of another guitar. My dad would make me feel ultra special by making me play a couple of notes. My dad would sing and even though he would have sounded entirely better without us, it was fun. I find myself regretting that I didn't learn the real piano as a child. I suppose it's never to late... Today, I listened to Angel by Fiona Apple (her version of Jimi Hendrix') and Never is a Promise... Wow...
So I am writhing this down to make myself a mental and online note that as soon as my finances allow... I should start up piano lessons. The only downfall is that anybody who has ever been in close proximity of my singing has noticed it is nothing but offensive.
So make that piano + signing lessons please!