Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A 4 day weekend well spent

With the car over-packed and the dog in the back seat, we got off to a late start on Friday. Once we got to Mont Gosford (three hours away), we had difficulty finding our camp site. Once found, it was quiet, remote, and just a few feet from a river. On Saturday: a 19 km hike which brought us directly on the Canadian/American border. For once I could have half my body in Canada and the other half in the States without being bombarded with questions and potentially pulled over. Sunday and Monday were spent, the three of us, lounging in the sun, feet in the river, sipping sangria/cider/beer/wine, and might I add NAKED! Sex outdoors is always better. Food on the grill is always tastier. I am officially the Smores expert, and Phil is officially not.