Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Must go wash out my eyes

After writing Phil a nice love email (How corny, I know but its a thing we've been doing since I was away for two months last summer) I went into 'my history' on the computer to click on the sites I visit daily. And what do I find there??? Porn sites! Of all things enraging and infuriating... And these were clearly not pop-ups, they were indeed sites that my bf visited. I mustn't be the only girl on the face of this planet who finds this offensive! True, our sex life is no longer at its peak but for crying out loud we were camping this weekend and our work shifts are practically opposites! Of all things, I had to click on everysingle link so that I can see what he saw. I'm traumatized, offended, appalled, and I wish I could take back my love e-mail ( not because I don't mean the words, I just don't want them delivered to him today...). Also, I wish I could tone-down my curiosity sometimes... If I hadn't clicked on those links I would sleep a lot more soundly tonight.