Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Because I can't be bothered with details, I'll stick to point form

- Like always, it all works out in the end. All Phil and I needed was a little time apart to cool down after a major fight. Things are stronger now.
-My teacher is taking what seems to be an ETERNITY to post the grades of our final paper which will determine my final mark. Every semester I find myself compulsively checking if my grade is up. How long does it take to grade a 10 page paper?
-I dropped my second summer class (before it even started). Managerial accounting six hours a week in 30 degree weather? I think not. Even better, I registered for the online section in the fall. I love the comfort of going to school at home in PJs.
-Kimmy and I started playing tennis and we are having a BLAST. I have to learn to separate squash and tennis since techniques in one sport does not help the other.
-Phil and I were on the adventurous side on Monday night. We climbed a fence (and barbwire) in order to take a midnight dip in the public pool which is a couple of blocks away. The most refreshing and exciting swim ever!