Friday, May 27, 2005

Working ultra late on a Friday night

-I'm stuck with a one day weekend... What can I say, I have workoholic tendencies with a highly defined anal-retentive side, and absolutely no stress-management skills (crying when overwhelmed doesn't count as a skill, or does it?)... Don't I sound lovely?
-My jogging pants keep on stretching at the waist to the point where I have to pull them up now and then in a very unlady-like fashion... But they fit so well around the legs... I'm considering suspenders or maybe keeping them as pregnancy pants... I am way ahead of myself here...
-I never complained about my car before... Its an old rusty hand me down but it totally took me from Point A to Pint B... It stopped doing that yesterday and left me stranded at work of all places.
-If all goes well and Mother Nature behaves, Phil and I will go on our first camping trip next weekend. I'm looking forward to a campfire, a nice hike, and time spent with my sweety...
-Phil is rubbing off on me way too much... I find myself listening to Nine Inch Snails, bobbing my head, and actually thoroughly enjoying it! I'm impressing myself... I still won't bend when it comes to Marilyn Manson and Skinny Puppy.