Monday, April 18, 2005

It's so close I can smell it!

Sorry dear buddy Blogger, have not posted in a while: I've been completely absorbed in my own little thing I have put very bit of time for other stuff. My exam on Saturday went well, the webpage and database I had to submit by midnight wasn't a learning experience for me but more for Phil (isn't that what we do in the business world, delegate?). And in between all this studying and data entering, I've been working more then I should and sleeping less than I should. Had a BBQ last night for my dads and Kaiden's b-day. And somewhere in there have been trying to get some painting on the new apartment done. Still have the bedroom, office, and bathroom to go... Not so bad... I have my second exam on Thursday and judging by my midterm mark, a miracle must happen in order for me to get an acceptable final mark for this class... Sigh... I've never been this close to failure...
There is a drunk stranger sleeping in boxers on the couch... And ladies.... He is NOT cute... I repeat not cute at all... He is Joe's friend obviously and I take comfort in knowing I wont have to wake up to a bum crack when I wake up in the morning, roll out of bed and step in the hallway... That is once we move out!