Friday, April 29, 2005

Cry baby

I am not sure what is exactly makes me cry when my parents say "What's wrong, you seem stressed?". Maybe it's the opportunity to finally open up and tell someone I am totally panicking and anxious inside. Although I have been studying like a crazy nut-bag, being at the library for excessive length of time cramming my brain with four different subjects, two out of my three exams so far have been disastrous. The move is tomorrow and all there is right now in the current apartment is empty boxes meaning I foresee an all nighter to get all this shit done. The painting is not done at all in our new place and it doesn't look like it will get accomplished til after we move in. Then there's always changes of addresse, choosing our Illico channels, opening up acounts... Work has been calling me in like crazy to fill in the shifts of one of my co-workers' who's mother past away. Makes it look like my stresses and problems are minute therefore I have been working way too much. My heart is pounding, my hands are shaky, and my brain is working overtime... I guess I'm still a baby like that to go seek comfort and help from my mommy and daddy.