Thursday, March 10, 2005

We are family

For the first time in... Probably forever... I felt like my dad considers me as a friend and vice versa. After spending the day together yesterday, he called me up today to ask me how the car was running and to talk about how nervous he is about his sales meeting this afternoon. He shares my excitement for my first car and is thrilled about Phil and I moving into our new place.
For once our conversation didn't involve him asking for favors from one another... It was just a nice little chit-chat...

Today's good deed: Helping an elderly woman carry her bag on wheels up five flights of stairs in the metro. She blew me kisses and her smile lit up the room. Feels great!

Today's bad deed(s): Leaving the library ultra early today and boycotting class tonight to go to the gym and spend more time with Phil.
Indulging in a piece of Phil's mom's apple pie (two days in a row)!
Possible bad deed: Convincing Phil not to go to the gym so we can relax... in bed nonetheless...
Bad Stacy... Bad Stacy