Thursday, March 17, 2005

School rant # 52689

Their are no words to describe my extreme unwillingness to haul my ass to school to get a few hours of studying done before my class. I put on my coat and as I'm putting on my boots I had the sudden urge to cry and stomp my feet and say "Mommy I don't want to go to school... please don't make me". The only difference is that nobodies home to encourage or motivate me to go and I am no longer in elementary or high school... so it is all on my own doing. My teacher won't call my house if I don't show up, I wont get suspended for missing too many days, and my school principle will definately not be harrassing me for a doctors note. I don't have to fake a fever or a headache either... I am having one of those fat and ugly days: my jeans are tighter then I would want them to be, my hair, unwashed feels yucky, and I am growing a big red pimple on my chin and a little one on my right boob (sexy huh?). All I want to do is stay at home in my grey sweatpants and Phils baggy t-shirt, sipping on tea and cuddling my dog til my boyfriend gets home! Is that too much to ask for?