Thursday, March 17, 2005

Feeling guilty about being happy and relieved

I just received an email from my manager at work telling the staff she is moving on... I called it! On Wednesday, she would normally work with me doing her micromanaging thing that simply annoys the living shit out of me... I had thought about it all day and was fantasizing about telling her and her terrible managing skills off! Next thing you know, the owner calls me to tell me that Patricia is on "vacation" this week and won't be in! I was thrilled since that meant opening and closing up the gym at my own pace without somebody watching my everymove. (so I left early...hehe). They still pay me til 9 but I finished all the work at 8:30. I love making my own rules and not having someone delegate the crappy jobs to me... I clearly have a problem with authority. I love it when someone calls and says who's in charge? I say me! With those added perks, my salary has or will shortly be increased and I find myself being so busy that time flies by! But now I am curious: did she quit or did she get fired? Did she find something better elsewhere? Where? What?