Thursday, February 03, 2005

This blog: edit free

When I got a comment yesterday from Chris, a wave of embarrasement (or paranoya) came over me. I thought Chris was my high school friend, a friend I was once ultra close with, spend our entire school days with together, his mom treated me like the daughter she never had. Everyday I would go over to his place after school... Chris was supposed to be my grad date but at the last minute things got all screwed up when he found out I was seeing one of our friends and Chris confessed his "undying love" to me. It put me in an awkward position since I really loved him as a friend and it made me feel betrayed that I shared all those times and secrets with him when we didn't feel the same about eachother. Anyhow, I suppose that happens to all women when all they want from a boy is a great friendship and all the boys want is to get in the girls pants!
Anyhow, I was paranoid enough to think that he found my blog. Ends up Chris is not my Chris... phew... Although we still talk and we still get together now and then... we are still aware of what is going on in eachothers lives but not the gory details that I post in this blog. For a couple of minutes I felt totally busted, he would think of me as a totally different person... I mean I write some really personal stuff in here... things that only I, Phil and occasionally my sis and Patricia know. I haven't let or given out my address to anybody besides Phil and even at that he is not my most faithful reader. I prefer it like that... if my sister or my friends knew about this blog then it would definately be edited and I don't want that. I can edit what I say to them but I definately should not have to edit my journal!