Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Skinny jeans!

I read a health article once that urged all girls to throw away their pair of "skinny jeans". For boys this might sound strange but for girls who own "skinny jeans" know how frustrating it is to occasionally try them on for the chance that they might fit again. This article explained how discouraging this is for women and how it takes a toll on their self esteem. Point taken but the author in turn, discouraged us by writting that we are fooling ourselves into thinking we will ever fit in them again. My news is this: although it is upsetting to be unable to squeeze your bum, thighs or waist in that beautiful pair of pants, it gives you a goal, and once that goal is met: God damn it feels great! Last friday, as I was getting ready to go out I tried on a pair of jeans I havn't worn since May. I actually bought them in May thinking I would loose a bit of weight during my two month backpacking trip. Anyhow, when I first came back from my trip, they were really snug and then eventually they didn't fit. Well to my surprise they did fit (fit fantastically well) on friday. So today, I decided to try on my "skinny jeans" for the first time in months. Now, I haven't worn these jeans in well over a year. I bought them when I was probably at my skinniest. I am not kidding myself into thinking they fit like they used to... I am not at my skinniest but point is, I am healthy and they fit! They are quite snug and I may want to strip them off me first thing I do when I get home but THEY FIT!!! It does wonders to the self esteem! I know what you may be thinking, that all this may seem a little obsessive... to the contrary... I am now half as obsessed as I once was about my body... I eat when I want and what I want and I exercise a bit less. I have a bubbly bum and that's fine... nothing wrong with losing a couple of pounds right?