Friday, February 18, 2005


-Closing in on my second week of midterms plus trying to get this new job have limited my amount of zzzzs. My eyes feel so heavy I would need to huge sumo wrestlers to pry them open.
-This pain at the bottom of my foot which is causing a slight limp. I think it may be a blister but I fear the worst and that would be a wart. Yuck... that is my all time most hated word.
- Going to the gym five days out of six took a major toll on my body. Every single solitary muscle in my body is stiff and sore.
- Coming to the realization that this new job will not reward me with big pay checks (hey... I read in my organizational behavior book that money IS the number one motivator!!!)
On a more positive note: Its friday!!! Yeah, that doesnt mean shit since I'm spending all of saturday locked up in the library for my sunday exam...

Good news is: I got the job!!!