Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Au revoir belly ring!

- I took out my belly ring since I felt my body being irritated. I have a suspicion my belly button is trying to reject it. It's saying "ok piece of metal, I've endured a big punch through me, an infection that lasted the first three months, and tugging and rubbing for five years now! GO away!" Although I did try to put it back, it just did not feel right... My belly button is extremely shallow and they had to pierce me with the smallest barbell so there was not much skin holding onto it for the start. So I think I decided to take it out for good. I like my belly now without anything on it. Phil can now stroke my stomach up and down without having to bypass my bellybutton area. I'm not missing it now cause I'm all bundled up but I know I may regret it this summer when I'm in my bikini!