Monday, January 24, 2005

more girl talk

There's nothing worst then a waiting room. The name says it all "waiting" which implies that there is no doubt you will have to wait. There's a good kind of waiting; one when it is a good nervousness or anxiety such as waiting for your boyfriend to meet you somewhere for dinner or waiting to receive an email or package in the mail or waiting to take your flight for a wonderful vacation. But there's the bad kind of waiting also... especially when it's waiting for the doctor to tell you your "down there" is ill. Especially not when you've been waiting 1 month for the next appointment.
My "down there" area is just not getting any better. Just when I thought we were in the clear since neither my doc or Phil's doc called... I figured everything was fine. Fine it is not... my doc is trying to play the role of a father with me and it is totally pissing me off... he says he's a father before being a doctor but quite frankly I have a father and one is plenty! I can't seem to think of anything else today, I should be working on my assignment but I can't seem to concentrate. After today's treatment I feel like a two year old again, wearing a pad which feels more like a diaper... my glass is definately half empty (I hate being like that)!!!
I'm very upset right now... not quite sure what to make of this...