Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm broke

I just had a phone interview for an administrative assistant position for what I think may be a HR firm!!! I think it went ultra well. I am not getting my hopes up for I don't even know if this is what I want to do since I had gotten to the point of being unsure of wanting a job or not. During the holidays, I went mad applying for dozens of jobs but finding a "good" part-time job to get me through school is difficult. When I mean good, I mean monday through friday, for less than minimum wage and definately not retail nor flipping burgers. I want an office job, a foot in the door of some sort. Anyhow, the interview went fantastically well. I was sociable, happy, expressed myself well... and there is no better conversation starter then the reason I quit my last job: going backpacking in Europe for two months!!!
Although I did agree to take care of my dads kids every monday. Its a way to see my dad and my brothers and its an occasion to make a bit of money.
Anyhow... bare with my excitement over this preliminary interview... I've only had two or three interview in all and they were basically "can you start now?". I've been lucky in the past to get jobs relying on my contacts...