Thursday, January 27, 2005

I really can't think of one

- Phil and I have been talking a lot lately this "six week sexless situation" may not be so bad... Perhaps I am saying this since it's only day two of the "six week sexless situation" but we are compromising if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink)
- Funnily enough, the news got back to Phil's ex who cleverly put two and two together (don't ask). Apparently same thing happened to her and her current bf. Should I want to bond? This is so mortifying... she doesn't know much about me except for this!
- Attempted for the first time to bake creme caramel and they are DE-li-cious! I couldn't resist but lick my plate... cute I know.
- Got my new cell phone today... what a gadget, pictures, the internet, games, all of it and then some! It's so cute it makes feel silly how much I like it! It's new, it'll pass but in my defense Phil actually voiced the words "hey, I want a cell phone too now!". Coming from him, thats a lot. But what is even better is the kickass, cheap plan that I have (credits to Phil's bargaining). I have a whole year of unlimited calling!
- My obsession with rudely saying "your welcome" when someone doesn't say thank you to me is going to get me an ass wopin! I just refuse to stand there opening doors for people without a thank you. It makes people feel silly and rude and I like that. What... as if thats all I have to do in life is wait there and hold the door open for you! If I can train those people to say thank you the next time a stranger opens a door for them, mission completed: I'm happy! If there is one thing I will not tolerate is a lack of common curtosey.
- On a serious tone, the news tonight said that today is the day with the highest deaths of Americans in Iraq since Bush decided to go to war... I don't really know what to say to that... all I could do is drop my shoulders and be sad... it just isnt getting better now is it?