Friday, January 14, 2005

Apology accepted?

I have a strong urge to apologize for bad talking my boyfriend yesterday. I was drowning in a pool of fury and said things that harmed him. He has to understand this is one of my many ways to vent anger and I don't always mean what I write... I guess it's better regretting what I write than looking him straight in the eyes and saying something I'll regret later. Although he always hears what I say, he doesn't always read what I write. After he finished playing his video games he went to bed, I started watching a movie and eventually fell asleep on the couch. He came to get me at 4ish to tell me to come to bed. I love the way we can't sleep without eachother. So we finally talked about things and he told me he loved me like I've never heard it before... So honest and passionate he was. Although I know it;s in his personality to be jealous and a little bit of jealousy is better than none, he said he would try to tame this emotion. I find he needs to let go of it a little since it does show insecurities... And afterall we've been together for over a year and have passed many tests... Why should he be insecure and paranoid if we are living together, spend everyday together, and are making plans to fully and officially move in together any month now! Phil I love you but you need to control your jealousy and you need to surpass your insecurities!