Thursday, December 30, 2004

I would like...

-a kitchen sink and counters that are higher and don't kill the back
-a kitchen sink that doesn't always get clogged-up
-cupboards that close
-a toilet that ALWAYS flushes
-a shower that doesn't take ten minutes to heat-up
-a bathroom sink that only has one faucet that allows you to get not just cold or HOT water
-a mice-free apartment

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Typical me: Guilt Queen

Our sex life has gone to shit: much less frequent and obliged to wear condoms (doctors orders). I always said that sex is practically the single most important aspect of a relationship. It's a means of communication, a way to connect, a way to relieve tension, feel the closest to eachother... Now: none of that. We've never gone two days in a row without doing it but now that seems the norm. What's left now? A bundle of insecurities, sexual frustration, a distant feeling, and guilt... Yes, hardly one day can pass without me feeling a sense of guilt that its my fault things have turned to this or that I am depriving him. It's Christmas... It sucks that things have to be that way.