Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The anxiety of it all

Today's my other down there doctor appointement and I am terribly nervous. My palms are sweaty and my mind is racing. Mu cute little mommmy called to check up on me. She's been really suportive and calming. Phil has just been wonderful too...Wish me luck...

Random stuff

I spoke to my friend Cynthia whom I havn't spoken to in a few months. Last I heard, it was same old same old, living in her boyfriend in their new house. Next thing I hear: THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!! I am really happy for her since I know this has been her dream. She is very domestic, loves kids, and truly is a settle down kinda garl! I can't believe my friends are starting to get married... I haven't been to a wedding in a few years... and even at that they are now divorced.

I feel like Kimmy is replacing me with her friend Fish... call this jealousy but I feel like they are always together and they are doing things that kimmy and I used to do together. For example getting their hair done... we are becoming more and more distant.

-I took this online test to determine which Disney princess I would be and I am Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. I always thought she was a great character, very studious, in her own little world yet extremely caring, generous, and sweet. My spitting image!
-I also took an online death test and I will die at the age of 76 from either cancer, alcoholism, or alien adduction. Comes to show how precise these quizzes are.

-Finally finished school and like Phil said I will be spending my vacation refreshing my grades web page. I have only been up for an hour and I already checked 6 times... obsessive? you think? I have 2 out of my five grades: B in advertising and B in Business Communication. So far not so bad...