Friday, December 10, 2004

Brain Freeze

Last day before this nightmare exam and my brain can't seem to absorb anymore accounting. I just don't know how long I can continue force feeding it. I'm one of those illogical people that get so stressed out to the point of not functioning. I agree that a certain level of stress can be productive but at this point, it's clearly destructive. I have a migraine behind the eyes which makes reading an impossibility and my stomach is in knots. Great!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good old point form

-I am completely obsessed with checking my marks online. My consumer behavior teacher said marks would be posted on Monday afternoon the latest. It's Tuesday night and zip, nadda, nothing... The anticipation is killing me... Why? Why tease me and tell me they will be up when they aren't!!! urggg...
-I have been completely absorbed in the horrible world of accounting. Yesterday, I had a great study session: I was at the library from 12 til 9:15. My confidence level was boosted and I was not as discouraged. Today is another story though, I felt completely unproductive and things I reviewed yesterday were more complicated today... So I gave up for the day... I'll try again tomorrow.
-As I type, I am terribly tempted to start reading DaVinci code... That's why I'm typing: I must focus! I can't start reading cause if I do, they'll be no stopping me!
-On the home-front, I think Phil's mom sent out the letter notifying the tenants to leave by July 1st. All we need is patience and the hope that all will go well and alas! A new home! I am so excited! Patience... Patience... Is it a whole 8 months away???
-I have not thought of Christmas presents yet and I have a feeling it will be all last minute...Every year I tell myself I will do the shopping in advance but I get so wrapped up in exams that I always end up stressed as hell doing all the shopping in one day. If only I can plan in advance what I want to get everybody... I need creative ideas!
-Joe has made himself a woman friend and is spending quite a bit of time with her... he actually slept over there twice last week. Probably the most nights he's spent away in all of last year. This suits us extremely well since we are having a nice evening and dinner alone! Me so happy!