Friday, November 19, 2004

A "me" list

-I'm romantic
-I'm in love
-I have two tattoos
-I have one big secret
-I am moody
-I can be funny at times
-I have a nice smile
-I am intelligent
-I am 5'5
-I tend to be controlling
-I have an obsessive personality
-I have an addictive personality
-I quit smoking for good 3 months ago
-my favorite color is red
-I like chocolate
-I like to cook
-I like red wine
-I like white wine
-I like rose wine
-I love wine
-I have one sister
-I have one brother and two half brothers
-I love to travel
-I want to travel the world
-I like lists
-I like shoes
-my lucky number is 12
-I love coffee
-Io parlo italiano
-Je parle francais
-Phil and I have a dog
-My close friends and family call me Stace
-my mom and sister call me Stacy-pooh
-I love Phil
-I see us getting married
-I don't eat red meat
-I like tequila shots
-I like all sorts of music
-I like to dance
-I like camping
-I like hiking
-I don't drive too well
-I went to 7 different elementary schools
-I went to private, all girls school for only one year
-I have piano fingers but don't play
-I cry easily
-I don't like soft drinks
-I don't like raccoons
-Wish you were here by Pink Floyd is one of my fav songs
-I'm a good friend
-I'll be a good mom
-I tend to be a neat freak
-I am usually organized
-I lived in Winnipeg for two years
-I studied nursing for two years
-I'm an avoider
-I havn't watched a entire Lord of The Rings movie without falling asleep
-I have a sweet tooth
-I have a bell button ring
-I can't grow my nails
-I'm a sore loser
-In high school, I won an award for biggest flirt and for friendliest
-I'm competitive
-I lived in Quebec city for 5 years

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I am going crazy: I have not been to the gym in exactly 8 days and I am really feeling it. My mood is horrible and I am just miserable... I am not used to this routine of studying all the time... although I know that if the gym was open later than 10PM I would want to go more often... I decided that tonight, after my final, I'll go workout even if its just for 45 minutes or so... I'll have a lot of stress to rid of. Now I noust simply muster the strength and motivation to study before my final!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hello my name is Stacy and I am addicted to lipsil...

I usually always have some on me, every purse or school bag I grab before leaving the house has one in it but today... I searched my entire school bag without luck... My lips are red, tight, and BURNING!!! Help... I am addicted... I can't go twelve hours without!

Weekend events

Although I did not get to rest nor study nor workout (this would really get to me usually) I had a fantabulous weekend.
-On Friday, we had friends over for dinner
-drank a lot
-got annoyed at all the smoke
-had a sex break before the guests arrived
-had yummy comments about my food
-went to bed earlier than everyone else to cuddle with Phil
On Saturday
-slept in with Phil
-went to visit all my high school friends (Chris is back from China!)
-must of had sex somewhere in there
On Sunday
-did some school work
-filmed the zombie movie with mo and kimmy
-went to Phil's parents for dinner
-talked about Christmas plans (could you believe it... Already!)
-had mind blowing sex

But now, its back to work... I handed in my advertising campaign project tonight... I have an exam tomorrow, and then another this weekend and another project due on Thursday...youpie!