Monday, November 01, 2004

This is HUGE!!!

In NDG, there are these apartment buildings that are being renovated and others are totally being built from scratch. They are designed for first time owners and for lower income people. There was a meeting on Saturday and we went! To say the truth, it was really exciting, we were really not sure what to expect but it was impressing. The architect showed us the plans, we saw some pictures of the place, and since they are government subsidized, they are quite inexpensive. The location is great, right in the same neighborhood and next to our parents. Anyhow, I am really thrilled about it. I know it's a big step but Phil's been renting for a long time now and to think of all that money he'll never see again... I really think it's a super idea! It's a great investment and it's a great foundation for our relationship. Plus, leaving here with Joe is really taking its toll, I think in order to save some friendships, we need to move out. I can't wait for the open- house next Saturday!!!