Thursday, September 23, 2004

School's cool?

I must make this quick sine I'm meeting Phil for what I think may be our first lunch date! I'm feeling ultra discouraged today when it comes to all the school work that is pilling up. I am now beginning to realize that I may have exagerated by taking 5 classes (especially all core classes). The weekend is approaching and I am dreading the thought of locking myself up in the library to catch up on my readings. I feel like I am unable to concentrate and that everything comes before my school work, wether its hanging with Phil, going to the gym, or shopping with Kimmy (maybe that'll boust up my morale). I feel so easily distracted... I must focus... i need a kick ass GPA this semester.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Tic Toc Tic Toc biological Clock

On Monday, my dad asked me for a favor to babysit Kerrson because a journalist was coming over to interview Lianne on setting up her own business and working from home while having to youngsters. The modern idea that most women have is that they must choose between succeeding in their career or raising a family. Now Lianne is an example that, although it may be difficult, it's not impossible to juggle both. Even if I do admire Lianne for her hard-work, I still think that her kids suffer (they are way too spoiled) from having both parents working full-time. But there are many factors in play here... Both Lianne and my dad are older parents (Lianne is 42 and my dad 54). They probably don't have as much energy as they once did. That being said... I find it reassuring that I am not going to school for nothing. I want my degree to come in handy but I don't want to sacrifice having a family. Lianne's example just shows that there are other ways around it. That being said, I really enjoyed getting Kerrson into the family van with me and going to pick Kaiden up at school. I wonder how many people thought they were my kids... Ha... I like to play house...
Cool thing is: I may be mentioned in The Gazette on Monday the 27th.