Friday, September 17, 2004

Geek alert

I just realized how my social life sucks... well, what sucks to others may not necessarily suck to me... let me rephrase: I am quite content with my lack of social life. Here I am, on a friday night, at Phil's place all alone, catching up on my readings. I feel like havn't gotten in the swing of things with school so I am falling behind. I only got max of 4 hours sleep last night (not cause I was out partying but cause I watched a movie with Phil and Joe til 2 then had to get up at 6). So I am exhausted... and Phil and Joe are gone camping for the night so what better excuses then to stay in my pjs all night and do some accounting problems! I am very comfortable being a loner these days...
perhaps in attempts to spice things up, I wrote a quick email to my ex (THE ex) whom I have not heard from in a good six or seven months (practically since we broke up or since he found out I had another boyfriend). I saw his sister last week and I suppose that's what brought this on. It's probably wishful thinking to have hopes of ever talking to him again... oh well... I made my effort!

Cinderella and her missing flip flop!

Spent the day at my dad's babysitting and somewhere in the midst of preparing meals, snacks, running around, playing hide and seek, changing diapers, and reading stories... Kaiden hid one of my sandals! I kinda forgot about it until 20 minutes before leaving. Well, the kid's long term memory for that kind of stuff is clearly not more than three hours because he forgot where he hid it. So my dad and I were searching the entire house for twenty minutes without any luck! I refuse to believe I was outsmarted by a 4 year old. I had to catch my train in a hurry so I borrowed a pair of shoes from my step mom... Disastrous... I have never wore an uglier pair of shoes in my life! I felt so ugly and self conscious about my feet and the shoes they were swimming in (I felt like Ronald McDonald). And to top things off... People kept on looking at my feet!
Makes me wonder, yet once more, if I really want kids of my own... I think I should stop babysitting those kids cause there gonna make me rethink my entire future!!! hahaha... at least there not my monsters!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

My imbalances

I am absolutely so emotional and way too sensitive. I actually, believe it or not, was in tears last night when Phil and I were playing squash. I was getting tired and I kept on missing easy shots so he slaps me on the bum (in a loving way) and said maybe you should go lift some weights. I completely took it the wrong way... and I thought he was emplying that I should get more exercise! I tell you... I have lost all my senses especially my sense of humor! I blame it on my hormones since I'm on my period... but sometimes I am convinced I'm crazy!!! I feel guilty for cancelling with my counsellor yesturday... I am apparently less emotional stable than I thought. Since I saw her last week I figured we wouldnt have all that much to talk about and I didn't want to waste a session going over the same old shit (my mother's insensitive and selfish ways). Plus I had a class after and I had no desire of waking into class puffy-eyed and emotionally drained!