Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Not your average chiqita???!

Reading over some blogs from other people, I stumbled across a woman's who had the same template as mine (all pretty and pink). Not to offend anybody but I personally didn't like what read(the contents of it for that matter were way too "girlie for me"). After changing my color from pink to green (although the pokey dots were calling me) I realized that I am probably more girlie than I think or admit to be. I like the colors pink, purple, and red. I wear make-up, tight clothes, and jewerly. I have a shoe and purse collection. I like babies, puppies, and anything that's small and I will say oooohhhh soooo cute at least several times a day. I don't eat red meat and I have my fat days. I wine and complain, I don't like making decisions for others. I like Tori Amos, Fiona Aple, and Madonna. I don't like violent, action packed movies... Must I go on??? How typical am I???
On the other hand, I've dripped-dry so many times I can't even count (charming huh?). I've slept in a tent for two weeks straight. I am now a-pro camper, peeing in the woods is no biggy for me (the drip drying techniques came in handy there too). I burp aloud if I want.
Ok, ok, I realize the girly side in me takes up a bigger paragragh... what's your point???

I suppose I should go back to pink... and add some pockey dots while I'm at it!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Poor little old blog!

I have been totally neglectful my dear blog!!! I'm wondering where to start!
First: Phil and I had an awesome time on our two week getaway! Camping is so much fun! Phil now is turned on by the scent of OFF! We drove for miles and miles and I am quite happy that I decided to be a tourist in my own province. Took beautiful hikes, saw breathtaking views... Overall: perfect!
Besides that: I start school tomorrow! I am quite excited to say the truth. No, I'm not a dork but I am looking forward to meet new people and learn new things. After months of travel and laziness... Its time for business. I'll be singing a different tune in a couple of weeks I am sure... oh well... I remember a time when I used to cry every first day of school up until the age of 8(or maybe 14 but that's besides the point). My parents were mean enough to send me to 7 different elementary schools... The constant change traumatized me to the point that when I had to change high schools once, we had to pull over the car so I could throw up I was so nervous. That only lasted about a week... Needless to say: I hate private, all girl schools...
So now its back to reality for real... No more messing around