Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random stuff

I spoke to my friend Cynthia whom I havn't spoken to in a few months. Last I heard, it was same old same old, living in her boyfriend in their new house. Next thing I hear: THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!! I am really happy for her since I know this has been her dream. She is very domestic, loves kids, and truly is a settle down kinda garl! I can't believe my friends are starting to get married... I haven't been to a wedding in a few years... and even at that they are now divorced.

I feel like Kimmy is replacing me with her friend Fish... call this jealousy but I feel like they are always together and they are doing things that kimmy and I used to do together. For example getting their hair done... we are becoming more and more distant.

-I took this online test to determine which Disney princess I would be and I am Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. I always thought she was a great character, very studious, in her own little world yet extremely caring, generous, and sweet. My spitting image!
-I also took an online death test and I will die at the age of 76 from either cancer, alcoholism, or alien adduction. Comes to show how precise these quizzes are.

-Finally finished school and like Phil said I will be spending my vacation refreshing my grades web page. I have only been up for an hour and I already checked 6 times... obsessive? you think? I have 2 out of my five grades: B in advertising and B in Business Communication. So far not so bad...