Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More poke poke

I got a call yesterday from the ClSC concerning my gyno appointment a few weeks ago. The nurse, giving me little details asked me to come in that same day. In a total state of panic, imagining the worst possibilities, I went. The meeting took 5 minutes and I left with a little piece of paper which was a referral to see a specialist (yup, a special kind of down there doctor). All I was told is that abnormal cells were detected and I need to go get a colopscopy and biopsy done. Great... So paranoid little old me goes on the internet to look up the procedure and these websites were simply throwing scary information at me. Stuff like precancerous or cancerous cells, infections, inflammation, STDs... That's some horrifying info and quite frankly info that I didn't want to know... Not yet anyway... It has sent by brain wondering in places I don't want it going and it has made my heart rate and stress level double.
Anyhow... Fortunately I don't mind having a male doctor. I was able to make an appointment with him next Tuesday instead of in two and a half months. The sooner the better...