Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Enticing carrot!

Despite the horrible downpour of snow and rain, I am managing my mood quite efficiently. I handed in my final business report for my communication class. That means that class is done and over with!!! One down, four to go! It was incredibly satisfying to drop off that paper which is twenty pages in-length and took indefinite hours to write. And above all, my average thus far is B+. I am pretty pleased with this class.
Now, I am prepping myself up for a marketing presentation and after handing in that project and giving the presentation, that class is done and over with as well! How great it will feel to know that I only have three exams left. As of tomorrow: no more classes! Yuppie! I cannot wait to dive into the DaVinci Code, workout everyday, and not even think about anything school related!