Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Weekend events

Although I did not get to rest nor study nor workout (this would really get to me usually) I had a fantabulous weekend.
-On Friday, we had friends over for dinner
-drank a lot
-got annoyed at all the smoke
-had a sex break before the guests arrived
-had yummy comments about my food
-went to bed earlier than everyone else to cuddle with Phil
On Saturday
-slept in with Phil
-went to visit all my high school friends (Chris is back from China!)
-must of had sex somewhere in there
On Sunday
-did some school work
-filmed the zombie movie with mo and kimmy
-went to Phil's parents for dinner
-talked about Christmas plans (could you believe it... Already!)
-had mind blowing sex

But now, its back to work... I handed in my advertising campaign project tonight... I have an exam tomorrow, and then another this weekend and another project due on Thursday...youpie!