Tuesday, October 26, 2004

me myself and I

After finishing my midterms (how satisfying and relieving), I spent a great weekend. When I got back home on friday, phil had a rose and a nice bottle of wine waiting for me on the kitchen counter...how cute is he?... on saturday, I decided not to open a book for it was time for a brain-break. Went to the gym and then Phil and I went on a movie and dinner date. Shark's tale is funny and really entertaining... I am no judge though... I am a true sucker for animation films. That was the end of that weekend since I spent seven and a half, tidious hours with my business communication class on sunday... yes SUNDAY!!! when did that ever become a day to do homework and group projects with obnocious... lazy... people! all I want to do on sundays is cuddle up with my baby and sleep and watch movies...
Anyhow... I've realized that school is my life and I really don't have any new and exciting stuff going on... I'm a loner...
I am being neglected by my team members... first of all, I have 5 classes and four group projects... needless to say, we have meetings regularly... but what gets me purple in the face is that I never cancel meetings and I always show up ON TIME. They on the other hand, couldnt give two shits... for tonights meeting, two of the guys cancelled and i cannot get in touch with the other dude... so it looks as if I am having a meeting with me, myself , and I...but these are team marks! So good ol' controlative me is the glue that sticks the group together and directs people where to go and what to do cause if not... the work will never get done... I don't check my mail for a few hours and I have 10 new e-mails... all about
school... they need me to hold there hands and walk them through every step... arggg... I am not ready to be a mommy... seems like I am playing that role a little to much these days... besides... I am way to much of a bitch with them... team leader my ass... can you say team bitch?