Friday, September 17, 2004

Geek alert

I just realized how my social life sucks... well, what sucks to others may not necessarily suck to me... let me rephrase: I am quite content with my lack of social life. Here I am, on a friday night, at Phil's place all alone, catching up on my readings. I feel like havn't gotten in the swing of things with school so I am falling behind. I only got max of 4 hours sleep last night (not cause I was out partying but cause I watched a movie with Phil and Joe til 2 then had to get up at 6). So I am exhausted... and Phil and Joe are gone camping for the night so what better excuses then to stay in my pjs all night and do some accounting problems! I am very comfortable being a loner these days...
perhaps in attempts to spice things up, I wrote a quick email to my ex (THE ex) whom I have not heard from in a good six or seven months (practically since we broke up or since he found out I had another boyfriend). I saw his sister last week and I suppose that's what brought this on. It's probably wishful thinking to have hopes of ever talking to him again... oh well... I made my effort!