Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to me (a day in advance)!!!

My apologize Mr blogger for I've been ignoring you... So much is going on...
what I've been up to:
- playing house 5 days last week and two days this week with my two half bros. I am no longer interested in being a mommy. They are absolute monsters. On top of that, that is way too much time spent with my dad.
- finally saw Fahrenheit 9/11! What a brilliant documentary. Very well done... Cried for most of it
- played squash twice this week with Phil: it's great fun!
- had a dinner for my birthday on Monday
- saw my counselor today: something about that room just gets the tears flowing. She always makes me realize how unselfish (in a bad way, I am) and how screwed up my family is (its always easier to blame it on the famiglia)
- worked at my mom's work today: something about that job makes me want to sleep
and last but not least...
Phil and I have planned a two week getaway!!!
Phil has been thinking of quitting his job for a while now... So we decided to be really last minute... He would quit his job and I would put my nanny position on hold and instead of going away for 4 days, we are leaving for 2 weeks. We will be camping the whole time so it may get pretty intense (especially if the weather keeps up like this). I am so excited, I can barely sit still long enough to write this blog! Feels like we have so much to do... All the reservations are made so that's the biggest part. Our plan is to go to Mont Albert (Ste-Anne of something or other) for three nights, four days. Then drive to the Rocher Percer. Stay there four nights, then drive up to Magpie to go sea kayaking!!! I can't wait to spend every second with Phil!!!
My dad took it much better than anticipated... No feelings of guilt! Good for me!