Wednesday, July 21, 2004

what my day consisted of...

- drove back from camping and went for a greasy breakfast
- 5 loads of laundry
- waxing kimmy's legs
- cleaning the house
- ruining a "no fail" cake for Joe's birthday tomorow (in my defense I ran-out of regular flour and used some special cake and pastry flour)
- running to the store twice
- getting hit on in the grocery store line by some fat dude asking me if I like baking (I had flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes... no shit sherlock)... he probably wanted some of my yummy baked goods... fatty!
- baking some chocolate chip squares... these better turn out!!!
- trying to resist the sangria i made for tomorow
- got annoyed at my mom only 5 minutes after she walked in 
I need a cold drink now... after all this running around! that sangria is calling me