Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hit with a wave of nostalgia

Just finished reading over some of the emails Phil wrote me while I was away. Brought back memories and feelings of sadness. Everyday he wrote to me, telling me he missed and loved me and that he would be waiting for me to get back. His words were full of passion and longing to be together. Being away from him for 2 months created such pain and suffering for the both of us... it brought tears to my eyes reading over his sweet words. He is great: all along he has been supportive, comforting, and loyal. I have never doubted his dedication and love for me. I put all my trust and faith in this relationship and its so perfect to see that all that effort in keeping our bond strong (miles apart) pays off. We can conquer everything. This seperation has just reinforced all my silly clichez's (whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger and if its meant to be it will be).
Before my trip, our mode of communication was strictly face to face, in person conversation. On the rare occasion would we talk on the phone for more than 10 minutes (probably happened two or three times at most). And we had never written to eachother. While i was away, obviously, this changed. We spoke at most once a week, some conversations were up to an hour. Our main way of communicating was by email. I would frantically search towns and villages for a computer. I took such comfort in his words (he is a great writter). His love letters were so encouraging and gave me the strength I needed. I knew he was there for me no matter what. Now that we are no longer apart, we see eachother everyday but when he is at work we continue writing to eachother... i love it... i have kept every single email from him... its nice to look over them even though they do provoke tears... have I mentioned I am overly sensitive???
Have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry???