Thursday, April 29, 2004

A mish mash of stuff...

After spending an awesome weekend... camping in the freezing weather, phils b-day... meeting his parents and so on and so forth... I did it again on tuesday... i feel helpless and totally out of control. I cant beleieve I did it especially after seeing the counselor on friday (which by the way was awesome and the sweetest lady) I feel like Im going to be able to really open up to her. And the sweetest thing is that Phil brought me there and waiting for me.
So Phil sensed that something was wrong... so he knows and its not like I was trying to hide it from him. I am tired of keeping things to myself.

So the trip is 7 days away!!! 1 week!!! wow... I am totally lost for words
Too many feelings all at the same time.

So my marks this semester havnt been that great: A- in nutrition, B+ in Finance and C in marketing... not knowing my Italian mark is killing me cause that could really hurt my 3.2 GPA

Now what stresses me out is the decision that I will have to make when I get back... finding a job? summer school? will I get accepted into HR? what about my McGill application? Regestering for next semester... continuing my counselling sessions...
Well I suppose this is why I need a vacation! I have to find a way to liberate my mind from all these worries (absolutely no sense in sweating this kinda stuff now... nothing I can do about it now)

my moms ugly boyfriend is totally creeping back into the picture